Protect your teeth from bruxism with custom nightguards in Prescott, WI

Grinding your teeth at night can cause a wide range of effects on your body, including headaches, fatigue, pain and joint issues. It can also cause uneven wear and tear on your teeth, and eventually, they may crack under the increased pressure. Dr. Jay offers custom nightguards for patients in the Prescott, WI, area to prevent damage to their teeth and help them get better rest at night.

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How to stop grinding teeth

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Bruxism is fairly common, and while there’s no single cause to it, it’s generally associated with stress or poor jaw alignment. Nightguards are designed to fit snugly over your teeth to keep your jaw in place and provide extra cushioning. While they don’t address the root cause of your bruxism, wearing the mouth guard for sleeping can help prevent teeth grinding together by restricting the movement in your jaw.

Some people are able to reduce their nighttime grinding through lifestyle or behavior changes, such as limiting caffeine, using stress reduction techniques, and practicing tongue and jaw exercises. Others use orthodontic treatments to improve their resting oral posture. Still, it takes time for these measures to have any effect, and a nightguard can bring you relief as soon as you start wearing it.

Crafting your nightguard

Some people may go years without realizing they grind their teeth, but a dentist can often notice the telltale signs during routine exams. Still, if you regularly wake up with headaches and jaw pain, a visit to the office can make a big difference. Dr. Jay will evaluate your teeth to look for signs of bruxism, and he may check for other issues such as TMJ that could be related.

If he recommends a nightguard for your issues, he’ll simply take impressions of your mouth to send to the dental lab. After about a week, you can return to the office to check the fit of your nightguard, and Dr. Jay will discuss the best ways to keep it clean. Nightguards typically last between 1-3 years, depending on the severity of your condition. To learn more about how Dr. Jay can help, contact our office in Prescott, WI, today at (715) 953-0499 to set up a consultation.

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