Keep your teeth strong and healthy with fluoride treatments in Prescott, WI

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and Dr. Jay and the team at Scenic Bluffs Dental in Prescott, WI, are committed to providing the proven methods for preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Fluoride treatments have a proven track record of improving oral health, and we offer them for children and adults during routine hygiene appointments.

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How does fluoride protect teeth?

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When bacteria in your mouth digest sugars and starches, they create acids that weaken your tooth enamel. Without treatment, cavities will form, and bacteria can eventually reach the root of your tooth, and you may need root canal therapy to remove infected tissues. But with early treatment, fluoride can reverse the early stages of tooth decay, or soft spots, in your teeth by helping your enamel absorb minerals.

Dentists use fluoride varnish, gel, or rinses for teeth because it can kill pathogenic bacteria on contact, and it can speed up the process of remineralization in your tooth enamel. When aided by fluoride, remineralized tooth surfaces are more resistant to acid, which will slow down future tooth decay. Fluoride is also retained in the hard surface of your teeth, providing continued protection months after the application, and it will be released anytime bacteria create acids in your mouth.  

What to expect from a fluoride treatment

Fluoride treatments are typically part of a routine hygiene visit as a preventive measure, although they can be used as part of treatment for gum disease and other health issues. Dr. Jay may recommend fluoride as many as four times a year for patients with a higher risk of tooth decay. During your visit, our hygiene team will apply the fluoride directly to your teeth and leave it there for a few minutes so your teeth can absorb it. Next, we will rinse your mouth out thoroughly to ensure you don’t ingest any.

Scenic Bluffs Dental will work with you to preserve your oral health and prevent advanced issues from affecting your teeth and gums. Dr. Jay is committed to taking all of the time you need to answer questions and help you understand how each treatment can help your overall health. Patients in Prescott, WI, and surrounding cities such as Ellsworth, River Falls, and Hastings, MN, can reach out today at (715) 953-0499 to set up an appointment.

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