Halt tooth decay and restore your smile with composite fillings in Prescott, WI

Nobody wants to find out they have cavities, but even if you practice perfect hygiene, other factors can increase your risk of decay. When a cavity develops, it is crucial to stop the decay as soon as possible. Dr. Feuillerat and the team at Scenic Bluffs Dental offer composite fillings for patients of all ages in the Prescott, WI area.

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Causes and symptoms of cavities

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Oral bacteria in your mouth love to snack on sugar and starches found around your teeth. As they eat, they create acids that demineralize your enamel. Eventually, small holes can develop in your teeth, and the bacteria can infect your dental pulp and tooth root if they are not stopped.

The most common signs of cavities are pain and tooth sensitivity. If you notice these symptoms, you need to get them checked as soon as possible. However, cavities can go unnoticed for a long time, and by the time you feel something, you may need a more advanced procedure to preserve your tooth. That is why regular dental checkups are crucial for maintaining your oral health.

Halting tooth decay

Cavities are typically diagnosed during routine exams. While larger ones can be spotted with the naked eye, Dr. Feuillerat can spot smaller ones with x-rays and treat them before they cause more damage. We use composite fillings to treat decay because they are easy to mold, and they blend in with your natural teeth. They are also mercury-free and biocompatible, providing the safest possible restoration for your smile.

Dr. Feuillerat will remove the tooth decay gently with a dental drill. Once the tooth is clean, he will apply the dental bonding to fill your teeth and cure it with a special light to help it harden. In some cases, you may need some extra support to protect your tooth from damage. Dr. Feuillerat may recommend a crown, or an inlay or onlay, to provide added protection. He may also recommend a dental sealant to reduce the risk of further cavities.

Do not let tooth decay destroy your teeth. Contact our office in Prescott, WI, today at (715) 953-0499 to schedule an appointment.

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